Sunday, March 31, 2024

Happy Easter


          Happy Easter 2024. It is a very low key day over here. I worked all weekend and have to go back tomorrow night, so we are not doing much. Just laundry. If I get a bit of energy my daughter and I have ingredients to make a homemade carrot cake with homemade cream cheese frosting. We will see how that goes. I am not cooking either, just ordered in sandwiches LOL. It is a gorgeous day here though. Sun is shinning and it is not too hot. If I had more energy I would go out and enjoy, but today is all about recovery since I work another 3 in a row starting tomorrow. The only reason I am doing that is because I am taking a mini staycation :) I will have 14 days straight with no work. I am so looking forward to that. Nothing special planned as of yet, but I have ideas LOL. 

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