Monday, March 18, 2024

Do You Believe in Second Chances?


          This is a tough question. I like the quote I found because it is true. It depends on the person whether or not I give them a second chance. Lots of factors would come into play. Like how bad was the mistake, do they feel sorry, do they want another chance, do I have to deal with them in the future? Kids I tend to always give a second chance :) they are learning. Adults should know better. Likely I will give a second chance, but I will not forget what happened prior. Kind of like I can forgive but not forget. So it ends up being different altogether. It is a hard concept to explain.

          I am trying to catch up on these blog prompts LOL that one was yesterday, but I was too tired to function LOL I came home after work and mowed my yard and then did laundry, cleaned, and grocery shopped. I had no brain function left LOL today's prompt is I could be more productive if I stopped...   The answer to that is napping LOL. I waste more time falling asleep, even when I don't want to. At work, I am good. I stay awake at work even if I am sitting. At home though LOL if I am sitting, I fall asleep. It sucks LOL. I really want to be more active, but I get so tired that I crash out. Sometimes I think I have narcolepsy??? That or chronic fatigue syndrome. 

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