Monday, March 4, 2024

Where Do I See Myself in Six Months


          In Six months it will be August, so most likely I will be going cray from the Florida heat. I will also most likely be watching the weather for any hurricane forecasts LOL. We did not have any hit last year, but we definitely did the year before. It was amazing. The streets were flooded, I lost part of my fence, and a bit of water came up into my hallway from underneath. I did not like any of that. If it wasn't for the destruction I would have loved it. Extreme weather is fun to me. I also like how it makes people come together for the experience. People talk to strangers about the storm and what is going on, they watch it together, it brings people together in a weird way.

          What else is happening in August? Staci will be getting ready for 10th grade and I will be having a nervous breakdown about her growing up too fast. She will be 15 and studying for her driving permit. My car insurance is going to skyrocket.  I am hoping by August that both her and me will have a tan because we are enjoying Aquatica LOL by then we will also be planning our Autumn activities. Most of all, in six months I want me and my kids to be healthier and happier than we are today.

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