Thursday, March 21, 2024

Hello Spring

          It is finally officially Spring here. Of course Florida had to be troublesome and start it off at 49 degrees LOL it quickly warmed up though. My grass is growing well, so well that I got brave and planted flower seeds all along the side of my house. We will see if anything grows. That would be very nice.

          With the warmer weather I tend to start daydreaming about all of the activities I am going to do with my kids LOL most of them never happen though. Out of ten things I might do three, but I still keep planning. 

          Number one is always get healthier. I really am trying to work on that one. I am going to use my daughter as inspiration on the eating part. This morning she made herself a bowl of cereal. There was barely anything in the bowl to my eye, but according to her and the package it was one serving. She then wanted something salty, but instead of getting a whole bag of chips like I would do, she got a small bowl and put some in it. She is so good. I am going to try and be more like her LOL. My biggest problem is portion control, something which she has got down pat.

          I also got us a treadmill so I can walk inside. It is a bit awkward to use. I feel off balance, especially when I step off. So I ordered a desk to put over it so I can use it to balance myself. Once it gets warmer and our water shoes get here, Staci and I will also start going to Aquatica to swim. Perhaps after we go to SeaWorld. We will be wanting something to cool us down. I just need to get us some strong sunscreen LOL.

          Off to work again for the weekend. I am hoping it goes smoothly and quickly. Nine more shifts until my mini vacation. By then it will definitely be warm enough to go swimming :)

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