Tuesday, March 19, 2024

The Person I Am Closest To.


          The person I am closest to would have to be my son Leland. I love my kids equally, but he is the one I have always depended on. He made me the person I am today. He hates when I say that, says it puts too much pressure on him, so I simply just tell him he is the best :) He has always been my rock. When he was younger and times were tough, I never gave up because of him. I got through nursing school, a divorce, custody battles, single parent hood, money troubles, car troubles, loneliness, moving, anything life threw at me, I got through it because I had him. He still takes care of me. He listens to me when I need to vent, he gets me tylenol when I am aching after work, he makes me breakfast when I am working, he protects Staci when I am not there, he is only one who can calm her anxiety, he does everything I ask of him. I do not know what I would do without him.

          Okay, first day of Spring here, and it is 54 degrees??? What happened??? I still have patio door open LOL I can hear my wind chimes. I am waiting on my doctor to call so I can get a refill on my zoloft prescription. I have a low key day planned. I am going to try and make another soda bread since the kids loved the other loaf I made. I have a new journal "Beating Menopause Weight Loss Journal" that I want to start using. LOL I just got off phone with doctor. He tried to get me to let him order labs because he say I had clonidine prescription. I haven't taken that in over a year. I got my blood pressure down all on my own. I was able to tell him that this morning's reading was 117/68 with a pulse of 81. He dropped the blood work issue LOL. I do not want to get poked for labs. I hate needles. Okay, now off to get my low key day going :)

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