Saturday, March 16, 2024

Happy St. Patrick's Day


          I know I am a day early, but odds are I will be too tired to write tomorrow LOL one more night at work. Once I make it through that, then I have to do all my responsible stuff when I get off because I am useless once I go to sleep. So mowing lawn when I get off, then shower, then laundry, then tidy up, and finally sleep. I already put together my Irish stew in crockpot for the kids to start before they go to bed so it will be ready for lunch tomorrow. If I am coherent, then I am going to try and make some soda bread LOL doubtful that happens. Once I wake up, who knows what I will attempt doing LOL. I would like to go to Raglan Road in Disney Springs for the St. Patrick's celebration or SeaWorld for theirs, but it all depends on how lucid I am LOL. We might just kick back and do nothing.  That is the beauty of getting all the responsible stuff done early, the freedom to do nothing later :)

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