Sunday, March 24, 2024

Silly Sunday Blog


          I have been terrible about blogging this weekend because of work, plus the topics were not fun. It was if had 6 months to live what would I do (I'd be sad and scared), describe myself 10 years ago (boring), and how would people describe me (I don't want to know). None of those were inspiring me and I was tired LOL.

          I am still tired, but done with work. It was rough because of my hands. My thumb joints were hurting. So, I went and got me some new vitamins to hopefully help with joint pain. I ordered some ginger with turmeric and cinnamon gummies. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. I am hoping that now that it is warmer weather I can get more active. I suffer from seasonal affective disorder, I need sunshine to feel normal.

          Today is responsibilities day. Laundry, groceries, tidying up, etc... Staci and I are also going to run and check out Aquatica. Apparently as passholders we get free $10 coupons for something. It expires today, so going to get our free $20 and buy something and also look around to see what is there. We need to plan a trip there for swimming soon. That reminds me I need to add sunscreen on our shopping list LOL I will definitely burn. I was cursed with the Celtic complexion. I just think about the sun and I get red. 

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