Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Things That Annoy Me


          I try to not get annoyed too often, it is bad for my health. The only times I really cannot control it are when I am driving. Then it drives me crazy when people do not follow the rules!!! People who go to slow, or don't pay attention. People who cut me off, people who force themselves into the lane, people who speed, people who tailgate, and people who speed through school zones. So many times I wish a cop was nearby to see the drivers and pull them over, but they never do. Drives me bonkers. In my opinion, if I have to follow the rules, they so should they.

          That is another thing that annoys me, people who do not follow the rules. Rules are there for a reason. When people feel as if the rules do not apply to them, I get upset. There is no real accountability these days for fear of offending somebody, so people get away with so much. It is no wonder the country is all messed up.

          Okay, that got my blood pumping LOL now back to relaxing. I have my coffee, the back door open, fans blowing, and it is my dog's 6th birthday. I am hoping for a good day. I got my grass seed out yesterday so I just need it to rain as forecasted. I have a craft project for St. Patrick's Day and teriyaki chicken to make for dinner. I have been doing great getting in my steps, and the saffron seems to help with late night cravings??? At least that is what I am trying to convince myself LOL.

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