Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Water May be the Key to Everything


          I have been feeling so tired lately.  I will try and sleep at least for six hours at night, this is a lot for me, and I will wake up wide awake and ready for the day.  I get up, get dressed, drink my glass of lemon water (very refreshing), have a cup of coffee, then sit down at my laptop to do either school stuff for me or my daughter (I home school) or I write a blog (well trying to).  Mornings are my most productive time.  I love waking up before the sun and opening the back door to the patio.  The animals love going out there to lounge in the morning sunshine. I like hearing the birds chirp and the world waking up. Around 10am I will adjourn to the living room and put on whatever show I am currently binge watching, and walk in place to get some steps in, usually for an entire episode. After that I become useless lately.  I will sit down and within moments become so tired I want a nap. Does not matter what time of the day or if I have already had a nap, I want to sleep.  I am wondering if my extreme fatigue is due to me not drinking enough water lately. My goal is eight cups a day. I do great in the morning, I get in about four of them before I hit the living room, but after that I suck LOL.  I keep a bottle of diet sweet tea next to me all the time, but I forget to drink or fall asleep before I can.  I need to work on increasing my water intake.  Maybe that will help.  I looked up all the good reasons for drinking water, so I thought I would share.

    💧  Water increases energy (definitely need this)

    💧  Water removes toxins (healthier insides)

    💧  Water cushions joints (my aches and pains might improve)

    💧  Water fuels muscles (easier to move)

    💧  Water strengthens the immune system (hate being sick)

    💧  Water helps clear skin (also lessens wrinkles)

    💧  Water enhances metabolism (burn them calories)

    💧  Water boosts productivity (feel more accomplished)

    💧  Water promotes weight loss (definitely need)

    💧  Water reduces fatigue (my whole point)

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