Monday, June 7, 2021

Noom 'ing Along


           So, on May 4, 2021 I got an email offering me 90% of Noom.  I had tried it before but did not really like it or give it a shot. They apparently wanted me to try again.  Since the time I first tried it, I met another nurse at the hospital who had used it very successfully and raved about it. I was curious, but not enough to spend all that money. I am cheap that way LOL I do not like to just throw my money away.  But 90% off was an extreme deal, something like $93 and change for the whole year. That I could manage, so I splurged and bought the program.

          The first week was again in my mind silly, they were not telling me anything I did not already know.  The course is laid out in lessons, and the first one was Intro to the Psychology of Weight Loss. I have taken multiple psychology courses and read hundreds of articles on weight loss tips and tricks, none of this was new info. Once again, I felt like I was not going to benefit from the Noom app. But hey, I bought it so might as well keep using it.

          Second week's lesson: Food Fundamentals. Again, nothing new, I did like seeing my streak number grow. I also got a Noom coach. I thought that was a joke, the messages all sounded like bot messages. Nothing personal to them but my name.

          By now the app had me think about what my ultimate goal was.  It was not just to lose weight, but rather why I wanted to lose. Not for love, which is a common reason, mine was for my kids.  Lately I have been moving slow because of pain in my knees and feet. Once I am up, I am fine, but getting up hurts and it takes a few moments for the pain to fade. In an emergency, if my kids needed me, I could not get there fast. That is not acceptable.  Who knew my secret desire was to be a superhero LOL?

          Third week: Mastering Motivation. I figured out my coach was an actual person LOL I called her out for the impersonal messages. She started doing better. I also decided to really start reading what I was reading and not just skimming. I forced myself to think about it. I told myself that so many people are doing well with app because they are trying. So, I decided to try. I looked at the calories they said I was allowed and made a meal plan.  Then I told my kids I was no longer going to cook.  I asked my daughter if she would be my diet buddy, the awesome girl that she is, said yes. My son volunteered to help as well.

          This last week was The Only 7 Habits You Need.  I am learning about the 3rd one. I also got put into a Noom support group. At first, I was "NOPE" but then I told myself to give it a shot, and guess what? I like it LOL It is nice having a support group. They helped motivate me and encouraged me to stick with my meal plan. I did not cheat all week with my kid's and my support groups help, and I got the scale to move a whole 2 lbs.  I was so happy.

          Over the weekend I did not cheat either. I was very protective of those 2 lbs. I told myself I would go easy On Sunday if I made it.  I did it!!! I felt so proud of myself when I got off work yesterday morning. I fully intended to relax and not worry about diet. Something must have changed in my system though, because I still pretty much behaved, I had a few yummy, calorie laden biscuits for dinner, but otherwise I did not go overboard. Yay me!!!

          So now we are into June and I thought I would try and blog about all of this to help keep me accountable, As I mentioned in a previous post, once I put something out there, I follow through or I am a liar. I hate liars. Perhaps others will be curious about Noom and find my little blog.

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