Monday, June 21, 2021

New and Healthy Goal

         This past weekend was definitely different.  Not only did I not have to work, but my ex-husband came into town to visit our son.  My son was not looking forward to it, but he was open to it at least LOL Perhaps part of him was looking forward to it? Thankfully he has been awesome to his dad. He has spent last couple of nights with him at his hotel instead of coming home.  When my son told his dad he was planning on doing that, his dad’s face lit up like he had won the lottery. I was so proud of my son for being able to do that.  It is funny to me that now his dad and I get along, we are friends now. Twenty-three years ago we were definitely not friends. Divorce was bitter and the custody battle lasted over a decade. It wasn’t until our son was in high school that we started being friendly again. He has a very simple life that in some ways I am envious of LOL he has his own business where he delivers who knows what with his truck. I think it would be so fun to be able to drive all over the country, stopping to look at interesting places if I felt like it, and getting to set my own schedule. He hardly has any bills and very little responsibilities in my mind LOL I realize there is probably lots more to it than I am aware of.  I couldn’t do it.  I fall asleep too fast when I get in the car, and I am driving LOL big drawback is he is unhealthy.

       My ex was shocked when he saw our son for the first time since pre-Covid.  During the past year my son lost close to 100 lbs. He looks amazing.  It also thrilled me to no end that when ex saw me he noticed I had lost weight, was nice to hear that my efforts are starting to be noticeable. I believe my ex found all the pounds our son lost though. He looks very unhealthy.  So that is my next project LOL I, along with my son’s help, and going to try and help ex get healthier.  I know my son would be devastated to lose his dad, and if he doesn’t change some habits, that is what is going to happen. I told my son he helps me so much, that he should help his dad as well. I told him I would find the tips and he could pass it along. Or if his dad wishes, I can be his diet buddy LOL it would also help me be accountable since I would be forced to practice what I preached.  It will be a challenge though since ex’s days are spent in the cab of his truck.  I told son to tell him “drink more water, chose the healthiest food options he can find at truck stops, no more soda or sweets, and three times a day move for 10 minutes”. I also told son he needs to send a text a day to encourage his dad to be mindful of his health. I will help son with those texts since he is not really into this yet LOL I am hoping that together we can get his dad healthier.

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