Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Noom Gave me Peace of Mind


I was so worried about getting sidetracked off my diet while my ex was in town, and we were all going out.  I am thrilled to say I did not WOOOHOOO!!!  I still lost 2lbs this past week.  So that is a total of 10 lbs. so far.  I am so happy and pleased with myself.  I am on an adrenalin high right now.  I hope it lasts all night long because I have been up since 5a.m. and I must work tonight.  By the time I get off work and home for bed, I will have been up 28 hours. Not going to be fun. My son is giving me some of his energy Mio to drink when I start fading.  He is so incredibly supportive of me.  I would be lost without him. 

Monday, we had a fun time together.  My ex, my son, my daughter, and I went to SeaWorld.  Lots of walking around and looking at the animals.  We found a new area that my daughter and I had never found before, the sea lions.  They were awesome and so loud.  I bought 5 trays of food for the lions, and they all fed them.  You had to make eye contact and throw fast, if threw slow the birds snatched it away.  We also went to watch the Orca Encounter show.  We had never done that either. It was cool up until the very end.  Then the water in the tank attacked me courtesy of the orca’s tail.  All I saw was a wall of water coming at me.  I got drenched!!! Not just a little wet but soaked all the way through wet.  And it was salty. I am trying to not think about what ended up in my mouth LOL. Everyone thought it was funny seeing me soaked, I did not. OK it was funny but uncomfortable being that wet for rest of the day. We also checked out the sharks, stingrays, and my favorite, the flamingos.

Tuesday, we went to Disney Springs. I thought I had blown it as far as calories, but thanks to Noom I was able to log in the poutine I consumed (which was totally delicious) and found out as long as I did not eat any more calories, I was still okay LOL. I refrained from eating any of the pizza they had, I stuck to munching on some cucumber slices to help get me through the video we watched and drank lots of diet sweet tea. As much as I hate logging foods, being able to look up calories on Noom has helped.  By end of day yesterday I was still 100 calories under my daily allotment. So, I did not beat myself up mentally for having the poutine. Without the app I would have assumed I totally messed up my diet and would have gone to bed depressed after probably telling myself since I had already blown it, I might as well have some other junk food. Noom took those thoughts away, so I was able to go to sleep feeling proud of myself for making it through the pizza LOL.

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