Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Noom and the Measure of Success


Okay I liked my Noom lesson today.  It talked about how measuring progress does not have to be in lbs lost, but in other ways. Such as better sleep, less aches, and pains, making healthy choices, turning down treats, getting others to be healthier, basically they said, “Progress can be whatever the heck YOU want it to be”.  The topic was dealing with plateaus and how to just ride them out by focusing on other areas of success.  The body adapts quickly to calorie changes and will work with what it gets, so weight loss can get stalled a lot. Mine adapts very quickly unfortunately. I just need to not focus on the scale at times and look to other areas where I have made positive changes.  I noticed my cheeks do not look so fluffy LOL and I think my ankles look better LOL all the stuff in between still looks the same.

                I count it a success though that on my days off I am averaging over 11,000 steps a day. I also count it a success that every day I start with my lemon water and a healthy breakfast.  I think I am staying awfully close to my calorie allotment daily, so that is good as well.  Huge success is my kids are totally on board with helping me. They no longer try and tempt me with yummies. They look for the lighter versions of things now too.  Last night we made dinner together and used a sugar free marinade my daughter found at the store.  It was delicious and on 5 calories a serving or 115 calories for the whole bottle. It was Thai Chili and we poured it over sliced chicken breasts, cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. We then baked it all together. It was so delicious. Since marinade had basically no calories, veggies were all healthy and light, the chicken was only calorie dense food. I had removed all the skin and fat, so it was just meat. I could eat and not feel guilty. My daughter was immensely proud of herself for finding it.  She insisted I get the other two flavors, garlic parmesan and orange ginger, both sugar free as well. We cannot wait to try them.

                Another success was we went out and walked, it had been raining all evening, but we still needed our walk. Once it stopped pouring, we were able to walk with it just sprinkling a tiny bit. I finished the day with a step count of 12,424 steps. I got a lot accomplished yesterday.  I made a to do list and managed to cross them all off.  I like having a to do list.  It keeps me focused on what needs to be done.  Today I know in addition to Noom, this blog, lemon water and coffee (all I have done so far) I need to get food prepped for work weekend so I have healthy food choices to combat the chocolate and fatigue at work LOL, I have to do laundry, get my steps in (I do a big chunk of them in my living room while I watch an episode of The Mentalist), and then maybe work on this flamingo wreath I designed in my head for my room LOL.  I have all the stuff; I just need to put it together. Wednesdays I try and take it a bit easy since it is my last day of relaxation before work.

Oh yeah, I must get stuff for the Fourth of July this Sunday LOL it falls on my cheat day so YAY!!!  Son has asked for burgers. Totally doing that. I used to get fireworks, but then we saw the neighbors around us go crazy with their fireworks, so we always get amazing shows no matter where we look, front yard, back yard, windows, the fireworks are going off all around us.  The first year here we were lighting small stuff in the yard. One went about 6 feet high. My son had just said we should stop since did not want to scare the neighbors. Just then one of the surrounding houses started setting off professional grade fireworks LOL my son looked at me, laughing and said “we’re good” it was timed so perfectly that it was hilarious. Pets hate the noise, so they stay hidden, while my daughter and I run around the house, trying to see all the fireworks going off.  It is fun.

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