Monday, June 14, 2021

Noom Over Chocolate


          OMG This weekend was a challenge.  I was super busy at work.  I had way too many admissions, trying to keep them all straight in my head was an ordeal.  It really was not fair to me.  Sometimes just because I can do it, does not mean I should do it. Plus, side of being so busy, I did not have time to think about snacks and I got a lot of steps in.  So, I managed to not cheat (so proud of myself). On the last night, when I am at my most vulnerable, I faced an almost impossible challenge: CHOCOLATE.  A patient had left a box of chocolates as a gift for the nurses. Great googamooga I wanted a piece of chocolate. The other staff kept taking pieces and going on and on about how delicious they were, moaning was even involved LOL during those moments I swear they were purposely tormenting me because I am dieting. I am sure they were not, but I was not thinking very rationally with chocolate around.  What did I do to combat it? I opened my Noom app and did my daily lessons. I frantically read through them, desperately searching for skills to get me through temptation. I posted on the support group message stream about my predicament even LOL and you know what? I made it through LOL I did not take even a small piece of chocolate.  I realize one piece would not kill me, but it was what it symbolized.  If I gave in, then all that I had worked for was gone in my mind.  I would have felt like I let myself down.  I have been working extremely hard to maintain control of my appetite and diet. I have my kids involved in helping me get healthier.  If I gave in at the first temptation of chocolate, then I would feel like I let them and myself down.  So, I said no thank you.
 Even at the end of the shift, nobody around, just me and my conscience, I said no LOL shoot I peaked at the chocolates but restrained myself.  I felt so accomplished and proud of myself for that. Noom says I do not have to say no to any food, just have it in moderation.  Right now, until I am better in control, I am saying no to a lot of foods. Sort of detoxing from them.  I do not think I have had any added sugar in three weeks now. No white bread, only whole grain toast, no pasta, LOTS of romaine lettuce LOL and tuna. Keeping a tight grip on my diet right now until it becomes second nature. I am hoping to eventually get to my son’s level LOL he has not had sugar in years. Plus, he has lost almost 100 lbs.  He is amazing in my mind.


Sundays are my relax and refresh day. I still do adulting stuff but I am also trying to do something fun as well.  I got home and mowed my lawn. Not really fun until I am done, then I feel so accomplished looking at my freshly mowed yard. It makes me feel not so old LOL I see so many people in neighborhood hire people to do their yard, but I manage to do it all by myself. I am a mess to look at afterward LOL it is a great workout. I also did laundry and grocery shopped so I would have all my diet food for the week. Work schedule is off this week so I had to get ready sooner than usual.  My kids and I made tacos for dinner (I didn’t have any, just the fun of cooking with Staci again) and we made a TikTok recipe for the first time. Pickled Red Peppers.  They were super easy. We thinly sliced up one large red onion and put into a mason jar. For pickling juice we combined 1 cup of water, 1 cup of vinegar, 1 tbsp salt, ¼ cup sugar, and some cracked pepper. Heated it up on stove to melt the sugar, then poured it over the onions in the jar. Lid on and set it on counter to cool before placing it in fridge. Overnight it turned pink LOL I cannot wait to try some on my salad today. Staci has decided she likes red onions now, so she is looking forward to trying some as well.

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