Saturday, June 19, 2021

Noom Nom


          Well, I have the rare weekend off which is quite nice.  My ex-husband is driving in today to take our son out for a visit.  I think they are heading to Saint Augustine, Florida today.  While they are doing their thing, my daughter and I will be entertaining ourselves.  Since we are meeting at a mall, I think she and I will walk around that place for a bit, then possibly Ikea. Only been there once, but we found some fun stuff so might be worth a return visit since we will be in the area. I had wanted to go to a different farmer’s market than the usual one, but ex kind of is putting a damper on that one. Oh well, is probably better. I tend to get yummies that are totally not diet worthy at farmer’s markets LOL  

                I am still staying on my Noom diet. Even with my work schedule all messed up, I did not cheat. So far, I did not lose any more weight, but I also did not gain any weight, so I will call that a win. Perhaps this week I can convince the scale to move.  I am rationalizing it was due to less activity since all I did was work and sleep, no 11,000 steps a day. I also ate a few unhealthy options but stayed within calorie count LOL.

          According to Noom though, that is okay. No food is off limits, I just need make sure I do not overindulge. In case anybody is curious, Noom divides up foods into a color system, hence my rainbow food picture I swiped off the internet LOL (one of these days I will create my own amazing pictures to put on here). The three colors are green, yellow, and red.  The Noom system says about 30 percent of your intake should come from green foods, 45 percent from yellow foods, and 25 percent from red foods. It is just a tool to help teach and guide me in making smart food choices.  I have flexibility in what I wish to eat, there are no restrictions. The main focus I see so far, is staying within my calorie range. I start with 1200 calories a day, and if I exercise, the calories I expend are divided in half, and I get those half calories. For example, I burn 200 calories, I get 100 of those added into my 1200 to equal 1300 for the day.  The more I burn, the more calories I get to spend. Yesterday I burned lots of calories working and mowing, so I got to splurge on a Wendy’s Jalapeno Popper salad. It was delicious.

Wendy's Jalapeno Popper salad

Green foods like blueberries, apples, carrots, peppers, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, sweet potatoes, beets, berries, bananas, oats, whole-grain bread, quinoa, non-fat dairy products, and egg whites are all great choices and typically do not have a lot of calories.  Yellow foods such as avocado, salmon, chicken, turkey, beans, tofu, whole eggs, tempeh, lean ground beef, black beans, chickpeas, and low-fat dairy are still healthy, but I need to watch the calorie count.  Red foods like olive oil and other oils, nuts and seeds, nut butters, dried fruit, beef, pork, full-fat dairy, bacon, French fries, burgers, potato chips, pizza, and cake are all high calories. 

          Some red foods are still healthy choices like the nuts and dried fruit, and others are not so healthy LOL I so wish those French fries had made it on the green list. I will steer clear of them, but bacon on the other hand is one that this Southern belle will refuse to give up LOL.  Since it is all about moderation, I can add a few pieces of bacon to some whole grain toast, a smear of olive oil mayo, sliced tomato, some lettuce and I have a scrumptious BLT to enjoy.  So red not necessarily bad or forbidden, I just need be careful with foods in that color area.

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