Thursday, June 10, 2021

Noom is Working!!!


    I lost 5 lbs this past week!!!! I know I won’t lose that every week, so this is huge celebration!!! Since started Noom, I am down 7 lbs 😊 That is just incredible to me. My son says soon I will have to worry about my clothes falling off LOL I doubt that, I have drawstrings LOL Honestly I really haven’t noticed the loss in the mirror, but the scale says it is gone, so I will just believe. 

    Noom is working LOL who would have thought it would. I certainly didn’t.  I have been giving it a chance though, and it is paying off.  I have been logging my meals, staying within my calorie allowance, and walking every day with my kids. Well except on the weekend when I work, which starts tonight. What is also helping me stay on track is the support group surprisingly.  I really like being able to look at our message stream for new posts. We all have struggles and successes, and we get to share them there. Today the group coach said we could even share recipes if we wanted. I cannot wait to report my loss 😊 I know co-workers won’t be happy for me, but hopefully the Noom group will.  It was also great to message my personal coach that I lost 5 lbs. I got a big WOOHOOO back from her.

    The latest lesson from Noom is mindful eating. It is just what it sounds like. Being fully aware when you are eating. Not snacking while watching TV or playing on the computer. Making eating an event. Putting away distractions and focusing on what you are putting into your mouth. It really does work.  If I am just focused on what I am eating, I feel full faster, so I eat less.  It also helps to think if I really want those last few bites.  It is so hard unlearning the habit from childhood of finishing everything on my plate. Parents from my generation always said that, but back then the portion sizes were proper. Now portions are at least doubled. That Noom lesson was a couple of days ago LOL my favorite trick for that, is using smaller plates.

    OKAY challenging couple of weeks ahead. My work schedule is all messed up, my son’s dad is visiting, and my son has asked his sister and me to be a buffer while he is here, so we will be going out bunches. There is a food truck festival that we might go to on Sunday as well.  I will be doing my best to stay within calorie allowance and get my walking in. Must protect my 7 lbs now 😊

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