Monday, June 28, 2021

Hope + Noom = Success

     Back on normal schedule sort of LOL I got an extra day off this weekend, which is AWESOME. I used it to sleep and recover. So, my normal Sunday off I got a lot accomplished as well as did over 14,000 steps.  Between grocery shopping, errands, farmer’s market, and mowing my front lawn I was able to rack up bunches of steps. I did cheat on diet though, but it was my cheat day.  I stay mindful of calories, but do not track them LOL I probably went over allotment, but in my opinion, people need to have a cheat day once a week.  This gives them something to look forward to. I had so many yummies to eat, but I did not get to them all LOL

            I miss cooking. It was my creative outlet. Now if I cook, I must really try hard and make it as healthy as possible, or just let my kids eat it LOL this weekend I made stir fry.  They ate the meat and udon noodles, and I got all the veggies minus the broccoli, my daughter wanted them LOL.  I still am trying extremely hard, and a lot of the time I still believe I will succeed this time. When I daydream, it is about how healthy I will be this time next year.  If I can stay focused now, by Christmas I will hit a major goal.

            Noom confused me a bit though this week.  It said exercise does not really do much, it is more about the calorie intake. It did say exercise has LOTS of good benefits, but the most important thing to loosing weight is calorie intake.  I guess that makes sense.  A person could be working out 5 times a day, but if they are eating massive calories, the exercise will not do much. So, thinking it through, I am no longer confused LOL. I will however keep moving.  I know I feel better if I get my steps in.  I know when my son started his weight loss, all he did was cut back on calories. He focused on that first.  Then he added walking 5 minutes every hour, then 10 minutes an hour.  As I have mentioned before, he lost about 100 lbs. and is feeling so much better.  Now he is working on getting a bit of muscle tone LOL he got too skinny.  He can easily do push ups now and kicks. Before he had too much mass to do those things. He moves a lot more freely.  That is what I want the most, be able to move a lot easier.   

            This morning as I was making my lemon water I wondered briefly how much longer, I had to remind myself there is not end point, this is just the new normal.  Getting healthy is not something I will ever stop doing, it is just the way it is now.  The part of me that liked to overindulge and sit on the couch, is just going to have to get lost.  It sucks not being able to be lazy and just cook and eat what I want. What sucks more though is the pain I feel when I stand up, having to tell my daughter no because I am too tired, being scared when I feel short of breath or my chest hurting, and being terrified that I will not be there for when my daughter is an adult.  That is what keeps me going, and hoping that this will all pay off in the long run.

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