Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July


Happy Independence Day!!!  After just spending the last seven weeks learning American history I can appreciate it more (yeah me got an A).  Since I worked all weekend we kept it a pretty low key holiday.  Once I woke up Staci and I went to get some fireworks,  We originally wanted to go to Jacksonville Beach, but with a heat index of 106 degrees we decided that combined with massive crowds, no parking, and hours to wait, we would celebrate at home.  So we made hot dogs, salads, chips, deviled eggs, and watermelon cake LOL  Mom and I enjoyed watching The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, in San Andreas while we waited for it to get dark.   Then the fun began.  Staci and I had gotten these firework fountains that were so cool.  They shot off sparkles like a miniature grand finale.  We also had sparklers, flowers, and just poppers.  It was fun. After we shot off ours another family showed up with theirs, so we watched those, then yet another family came out with their display LOL  all the while there were huge fireworks exploding in the sky all around us.  So much better than the beach.
          I told my daughter a story of fireworks and now she thinks I am crazy LOL  I spent my teen years in Reno, Nevada were it is dry and fireworks are illegal.  When I was 22, my 19 year old brother Wade, and his two friends Sean and Derek, decided to move to Arkansas.  Fireworks there are legal so the guys went a bit crazy.  They took a bunch of bottle rockets, removed the sticks, then twisted them all up in a ball, and set them off.  The rockets exploded, going every which way.  One of those fools decided to set a ball off in our hotel room.  We were diving everywhere, trying to dodge the explosions. It had to look hilarious.  We laughed so hard, well me a little less since my clothes got a lot if tiny holes in them from sparks LOL  looking back we were so stupid, but at time it was fun.
          Sleep will be a long time coming, as people are still setting off fireworks outside.  Haven't seen the cats in a couple of hours LOL  they are cowering somewhere.  I hope everybody out there has had a safe and fun Independence Day.

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