Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Gym

My daughter has taken to calling herself the internet girl.  While it is cute, it is not a healthy moniker for her to have.  I am not liking how much time is spent in front of an iPad or laptop.  Soto combat this we have been trying really hard to help her be healthy and fit.  Growing up I was not the healthiest kid.  When I was I think twelve I had a bad accident in gym class where I blew out my knee.  This was back in the dark ages of knee surgery, so for six months I could not walk without using crutches,  First it was a hard cast that covered my whole leg, then I had a brace that went from hip to ankle.  It was locked into a certain range so my movement was limited.  Worst six months, I could not run, play, swim, or even walk.  Even after the brace was gone, I still had to be careful, cause if I moved too fast my knee would slip, and down I would go in a lot of pain.  So no running for me.  You know I literally dream about running...
 OK back to my girl.  I do not want her to become a sloth like me LOL  I want her to be active and healthy.  So I try to do everything I can to promote her being healthy.  This means offering nutritious foods at every opportunity.  Yeah I still let her have treats, but she first has to have something healthy.  I have a snack drawer that is full of healthy options she can chose for herself.  Luckily she likes salads and will often chose one for dinner.  While she was in school I took the time to make sure I made her lunch, including fruits and veggies every time.  Proud mommy me was thrilled to see that those usually were eaten every day.

 In addition to the diet we are working on being active.  With summer here and no more recess play, I decided to enroll her at My Gym.  I so love this place!!!  Staci does too.  She takes Cardio Kids on Wednesday with Coach Natalia 

Warming up the muscles

Kettle Ball Work

I love how patient Coach Natalia is with all the kids, especially Staci.  She makes the hour go by quick.  The kids have so much fun, they don't even realize they are exercising.  They mix intense cardio play with free play and games.  Coach Natalia appears to generally like her job and children.  I have yet to see her not smiling.  On Thursdays Staci does the Zumba Kids workout with Coach Amanda. 

That is a bit challenging.  I don't even think I could keep up LOL  Coach Amanda tries to break it down so that the kids can learn the moves. Coach Amanda is always dancing, and the kids all try and dance next to her.  She has ruined songs for me LOL  Instead of just hearing the songs, I now see the moves in my mind.  I like the music they play during class.  Current, popular, upbeat songs with all the naughty words removed.   
Coach Natalia and Coach Amanda with my girl :)
Staci is very excited for next week.  Monday starts first day of Summer camp at My Gym.  Every day has a different theme. Monday is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Tuesday is Finding Dory, Wednesday is Ice Age, Thursday is Superheroes, and Friday is the Olympics.  I'm told they do games, free play, crafts, and are provided a nutritious meal.  I caught the coaches even practicing silly songs and skits LOL  Staci will have too much fun.  If you want something fun and healthy for your kids to do July 11th - 15th check out My Gym Jacksonville on their Facebook page.  The coaches post silly pics and events where they will be.   One last pic of Staci's favorite thing at My Gym
The Ball Pit 

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