Thursday, July 21, 2016

Anger of unknown origin

          Have you ever woken up, just pissed off at everything for absolutely no reason?  That is me today.  Shoot I was ticked off that this seasoning mix was not on shelf where I put it. It was on one above it.  Silly, but it infuriated me immensely.  Logically I am sure it is just hormones going crazy, but it is driving me mentally and physically crazy.  I had to warn my family to tread lightly around me LOL.  So instead of snarling and snapping, I busied myself doing bead work for the wind chime I wanted to make.  I finished it, I tend to get a bit OCD when I start a project.
Commander being my model
 I can't put it down until all done.  I am forbidden to do big puzzles LOL I also made a yummy veggie soup to nosh on over the weekend while I am working, and started a load of laundry (what an exciting life I lead).  Now I have to figure out what to do next.  If I sit still too long, I get tired and unfortunately fall asleep. This creates havoc on my sleep schedule.  Anyway I had aspirations of creating a fantastic blog post detailing how I made the wind chime. Yesterday though showed me I am lousy at giving directions.  
For me I just see the thing I want to make, and then my mind figures out a way to make it.  I might glance at directions, but rarely do I follow them.
          I did have one laugh today.  A friend of my brother saw my blog and grabbed the pic of my brother and me when he was about one years old, she blew it up, cropped just his pic, and then she posted it on Facebook telling everybody it was him LOL he’s going to kill me.  He really was an adorable baby, so squishy.  I used to love being his sister, then he went and grew up on me.  Just kidding, I love my brother.  I wish he would visit more often, just he hates leaving Reno, Nevada.  I move all the time, and he stays put forever.  I think he has lived in same apartment for about ten years now.
          So now what to do, I guess hang out with Staci.  That’s my absolute favorite thing to do.  She is such a hoot.  She has an incredible sense of humor, and always finds a way to make me smile.  Currently she is sitting next to me on her computer, playing Club Penguin and dressing up her penguins and puffles in princess outfits.  I cannot believe she is going to be seven years old next weekend.  The time has gone by way too fast.   

The finished flower pot and beaded wind chimes outside, waiting for a summer breeze. 

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