Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flower Pot Wind Chime (my first DIY post)

I adore the Pinterest website.  I even did a presentation on it for speech class.  So daily at some point I will be on Pinterest looking for things to do or recipes to make.  If you want to check out my boards I am listed as leeandstacismom on there.  Most of the things I have pinned I actually try and make or do or cook.  Today I found three different wind chimes I wanted to try and make.  One is a wind chime made out of flower pots, another is made out of beads, and the last one is felt birds and bells. Feeling all inspired I headed off to Michael's to get all the crafty stuff I would need.  It was unbelievable hard trying to chose out of all the different beads they had.  We spent about an hour just ooooo'ing and aaahhh'ing over the sparklies.
The felt for birdies was easy, it was on sale for just 9 cents each, so I got one in every color LOL  Finally I picked out the little flower pots to paint.  So today we made the flower pot wind chime.  I thought it was take longer, just because the paint needed to dry, but I was wrong.  Paint dried super fast.  After we got started it only took a couple of hours for Staci and I to put them together.  I think it turned out fantastic.  If any one wishes to make their own feel free to do what I did.

What you will need is:

1 flower pot 3 inches tall
1 flower pot 2 inches tall
2 flower pots 1 1/2 inches tall
paint in any 4 colors you wish to use
wooden beads (about the diameter of a grape)
decoration to hang at the bottom for the bell clapper
1 metal ring to hang the chime

Paint the flower pots with the paint colors of your choice. Also paint four of the beads for decoration. Staci wanted purple, pink, and blue.  I am not very talented with painting, so we just decorated with polka dots.  Feel free to get all creative if you wish.  See that little unicorn in the picture?  It is a backpack pull.  I just added a bell to it for our clapper to hang at the bottom.  Cut a piece of twine about 2 feet long. Tie your decoration choice to the end of the twine. Go up about an inch on the twine and tie a plain wooden bead, then thread one of the 1 inch flower pots (open side down) onto the twine, going through the drain hole in bottom of pot, until it rests on the bead.  Go up about another couple of inches and tie another bead, then slide the other 1 inch flower pot onto twine, until it rests on the bead.  The next bead goes up approximately 2 1/2 inches, After that slide on the 2 inch flower pot to the bead.  The next plain bead goes up approximately 3 inches and gets tied on for the 3 inch flower pot to rest on.  Finally tie a knot in the twine a couple of inches over the 3 inch pot, then slide on the four decorated beads.  If you laid the chime down, the flower pots should nestle in each other.  Depending on how far you want the wind chime to hang down, trim the excess twine, then to that end attach your metal ring for hanging. The end product should look like this:

I realize I am not very good at explaining, but I tried.  I tend to just look at pictures, and make my idea of what I think it is LOL The most important part of all this was Staci and I had fun together. Next up is the sparkly wind chime.  We will work on that tomorrow and get you a rundown on how it turns out.  Theoretically it should be gorgeous...

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