Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Gotta Catch Them All!!!

I so need to hang my head in shame or scream in excitement LOL  I caught a Bulbasaur today!!!
 Driving to get Staci from camp and I am hunting Pokemon.  It is this new app for iPhone that I downloaded for Staci, yet here I am playing it without her. It is called Pokemon Go  and it is awesome for a couple of reasons.  First of which it is giving my kids and me something to do together.  My son even is playing on his iPhone.  We are competing to see who gets the best Pokemon LOL  I think I win with Bulbasaur.  Staci was jealous of his Evie until we got one today.  He was wandering around the parking lot after work the other night, looking for Pokemon, when his district manager saw him and said "you're looking for Pokemon aren't you?"  My son just shook his head and laughed :yeah"  He is trying to convince his manager to figure out how to make his restaurant a Pokemon hot spot.
Second reason it is awesome is it is getting kids (and adults) up and outside walking, hunting for the elusive Pokemon. Instead of sitting in front of a video screen, kids are out in the sunshine playing, and since not too safe to wander alone the parents are with them.  I think that is fantastic.  Staci and I were out hunting last night LOL walking around the neighborhood, searching for Evie,  It was fun, she and I had a blast trying to use the game to track Pokemon. Anything that gets kids up and active, combined with interacting with their parents is awesome in my book.

The Pokemon Go Diet

Just an infographic for me to help keep track of what those little shadow figures are LOL

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