Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I am an Anglophile

           About a decade ago I dated a chap from England.  He was so much fun, and did he ever make me laugh with his British sense of humor.  The relationship didn't last, but the friendship did, as well as a love for all things English.  They have a term for that, it is an anglophile, which means a person who is fond of or greatly admires England or Britain.  I have never been to England, but would adore going there.  It would be brilliant (fantastic),
 Trying to add a few English terms in here LOL so while I was away with the fairies (daydreaming) I thought of doing a post about my love of all things English.  They have such fun sayings to start with.  Did you know most people at work like to chin-wag?  LOL that is a fun way of saying gossip. Blimey (my goodness) I love how they sound.  Now I hope I am not coming off as a wanker or a daft cow (idiot) for posting this. I could use a nip (nap) cause I am knackered (tired) but I had to wake up, and bob's your uncle (there you go) I started typing about bits'n bobs (various things) in order for you readers to be gobsmacked (amazed) with this post LOL.

OK that was a silly first paragraph, but it made me laugh, and you know what this is my blog and I can type what I wish.  I actually am quite a bit English in my ancestry.  I have my genealogy traced all the way back into the 1600's in England on my mom's side, and on my dad's side we can be traced back to Sir Francis Drake. I always thought that was pretty interesting.  When time comes for my daughter to do a school genealogy project we have got her a sure A+ most definitely.

So I don't go around trying to use a fake English accent, it would sound silly mixed with my southern one, but I do have a definite fondness for people who speak with the accent.  They always sound so intelligent and polite.  I love talking to my friend on the phone just to hear the accent.  What else do I love English? A good cuppa tea :)  hot Earl Grey or English Breakfast with sugar and milk.  It really is relaxing.

Yummies are fish and chips with malt vinegar and sea salt.  Or bangers and mash with HP Sauce,  At Christmas time I do my best to make plum pudding  If you click on those purple words you will be taken to a site that talks about Queen Elizabeth and gives her recipe for plum pudding.
          I love all the rich history of England, the majestic castles, the scandalous royalty, the beautiful countryside, the quaint pubs, the brisk seaside, sweater weather all year long, and how very proper they sound even when joking around, but since I have no passport and no thousands of British pounds (money) to visit England properly I have to pretend and content myself with visiting the United Kingdom Pavilion at Epcot  LOL

One of the days I will make it across the pond...

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