Sunday, July 17, 2016


A little bit sleep deprived, but still wishing to keep this blog active.  I want the excitement of beginning this blog to stay with me.  Each say I look to see if somebody has perchance noticed my little corner of the internet. I love it when I see that number has gone up.  I was so excited the other day to see my first comment LOL.  I am working on a new actual post, one that takes brainpower to write LOL  I never realized how much effort goes into a blog.  Thinking of ideas is a challenge.  I am now always on the lookout for something that inspires me to write about, then try to find just the right pictures to make the blog fun to look at.  Today I have nothing but my musings. So here they are:

Pokemon Go has continued to amuse me.  Chick fil a is closed on Sundays, yet since it is a hot spot there were cars in the parking lot LMAO  driving home I noticed all the people out wandering with phones, hunting for Pokemon.  It was funny and awesome at same time.  I think it is great that people are actually outside walking around.  There is this egg incubation part of game that in order to get the egg to hatch and give player a cool Pokemon, the player has to walk.  Shortest distance is 2 km while some are 10 km.  No driving either, games knows if player moving too fast for walking.  I read somewhere that the game has increased step counters numbers dramatically.  The Pokemon Go diet started out as joke, but it is becoming an actual thing.

This week my work schedule is a bit jumbled.  I have adjusted it so that I can take my bi-annual CPR certification on Tuesday.  I've only had to do CPR in real life twice.  Both times no fun breaking the ribs.  Remember the old show Emergency?  The paramedics on the show did CPR, and people watched show, so in real life they tried to do CPR, just badly.  So CPR began to be taught to the public, so that it could be done and lives possible saved.

Next week is vacation!!! So excited.  I take vacation every year, last week of July, because that is Staci's birthday.  I realized this morning I haven't worked that week in 7 years LOL this year we are going back to Orlando.  Usually we go to the Nickelodeon Hotel, but unfortunately that closed a few months ago.  So this time we are trying SeaWorld.  First time we are also trying an AirBnB to stay at.  Found a nice condo with what looks to be a super fun pool to play in after a hot day of exploring Orlando.  We are going to Old Town Kissimmee, the Crayola Factory, Medieval Knights, Congo River Mini-golf, and Disney Springs.  Plus anything else we can think of to do.  Defintely will be blogging about those outings, and my AirBnB experience.

I've been working very hard to get ahead in school, so that I can just enjoy time off.  I have enjoyed studying American History this summer.  It has given me a better understanding of what America has been through, and how we are still making the exact same mistakes we did back then.  People just don't seem to learn.  Government still a mess, civil rights still an issue, religious persecution still issue, and country divided on multiple issues.

Speaking of school, for 2nd grade I am homeschooling Staci for a few reasons.  We are going through Florida Virtual Academy.  It is still considered public school, yet it is all done online.  Doesn't cost any money, and they just sent us a big 40 lb box of school supplies and books.  I was shocked at all they sent us.  The books look totally fun and colorful, and they sent a full art kit, science kit, and a jump rope and kid's yoga DVD for P.E.  Also a bunch of tiles for spelling with and math shapes and figures to work with.  School will hopefully be fun. Added benefit is no getting up early and fighting traffic to get to school on time.

OK those are my musings for today LOL an lil insight into how my mind works on a daily basis.   Now time to finish up the laundry, clean the kitchen, watch Leverage, as I enjoy my Five Guys hamburger :)

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