Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Grandbabies LOL (picture heavy)

I've mentioned my two kids, but have yet to mention my grandbabies LOL  my son insists he is never having kids, so I have to just accept his two cats as my babies.  Here are their baby pictures :)

This is Commander

This is Midnight

They are both very sweet and playful, not big on cuddling though.  They will run back and forth, playing with their toys, and wrestling.  They even play fetch,  Throw the toy and they bring it back.  It's cute at first, but sometimes it gets a bit old,  

Commander is older than Midnight by about five months.


BTW: Commander is a boy and Midnight is a girl

They love to hang out together napping

I find them in the craziest places LOL

King Commander

Midnight Dragon

Sporting their Autumn looks

It is surprising how much my son dotes on those two cats.  I am still hoping that he changes his mind in the future and gives me some human grandchildren, but these two are good substitute cuddles in meantime.  

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