Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Water Wednesday

Usually on Wednesday I try to do something water themed.  Often it is going to the pool or the splash fountain at Sunshine park.  Today I thought we would try something different, and go have lunch on the water.  We went to Singleton's Seafood Shack.  It was featured on the Food Network's Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives.

The food selection was of course seafood, fresh from Mayport.  Prices were OK. Inside was just the way you'd expect an actual seafood place to be.  Since it was right next to the Naval Station there were quite a few Navy guys there as well as fishermen type.  It was very casual place,  The food though was great.  

I got the fried shrimp basket.  Even though fried, it was nice and light.  The coleslaw got Staci's seal of approval, and the collard greens were out of this world good.  I wanted a big bucket of them LOL 

They offer three different hot sauces to test out if brave enough. The Colon Cleaner one cracked me up.  I could just see us serving it to the patients at work before a colonoscopy LOL 

The owl was cute

Enjoying the sunshine while waiting on our food

After eating we looked at all these little miniature wooden boats on display inside.  There were hundreds and hundreds of them.

Singleton's was a great place to eat, we highly recommend it :)

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