Thursday, June 23, 2016

Plan for Best Summer Ever

OK just got through first week of the best summer ever, at least that is goal for the summer that I have promised  my small person.  She became an official second grader a week ago.  She had her last day at #Alimacani Elementary school .  So we have big plans for the summer.  It started by signing her up for a week of summer camp.  Kinda funny, I asked her if she wanted to go to summer camp and the response was "YES!!!"  then I asked her what summer camp was and response was "I have no idea" LOL .  So we signed up for the My Gym summer camp in July.  She is very excited about it.  We also started #CardioKids at My Gym as well as #ZumbaKids at My Gym.  She really likes Coach Natalia and Coach Amanda.  The classes we fun to watch.  Small person goes in there all bouncy and excited, but after an hour of cardio and zumba the bounce is a little less pronounced LOL  She is still excited about going though, which is very important. Let's see if I can post her first zumba lesson here .  2016-06-09 16.19.50
In July the small person becomes less small and turns 7 years old.  We are trying to plan an amazing road trip up Eastern coast starting in Jacksonville, Florida and turning back around in Washington, D.C.  We also have lots of other things planned for summer such as swimming, going to the park, crafts, going to Sunshine Water Park, Hanna Water Park, mini golfing, library, and the movies.  On Tuesday we are going to see Finding Dory I am so excited to see that.
So that is our plans for summer LOL  In addition we are working on developing healthy habits and healthier eating styles.  Today we cut like 2000 calories in under 2 minutes LOL. My mom accidentally turned on the stove top burner where my Pyrex dish full of strawberry cake was resting.  She exploded the cake all over the kitchen LOL  nobody was hurt thankfully, but the cake and dish were goners.
Now let's see if I can keep this blog going.  It would be nice to have record of THE BEST SUMMER EVER 
2016-06-07 15.49.58

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