Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Travel Tuesday

Since doing themes this week, or at least trying to, for Travel Tuesday we went to the Jacksonville Farmers Market.  OK it was Wednesday morning, but I am counting it LOL

I am all about having a happy and healthy summer, so to the market we went.  It is a great place to find fresh, seasonal, locally produced foods. It's an open air market located at 1810 West Beaver Street in downtown Jacksonville.  It has large outdoor bays filled with a broad selection of yummies. 

There are bins and baskets full of colorful fruits and veggies just waiting to be made into something fresh and healthy to eat. 

I love all the colorful displays. 

With Staci helping to pick out the fruits and veggies, my odds of her trying them greatly improve

What we finally ended up with LOL  The green tomatoes are going to be used to make baked green tomatoes (much healthier than fried, but just as good)  the okra is going to be stewed with the red tomatoes, onion, and spicy seasoning, and the bell peppers are going to be stuffed.  Peaches are just to be enjoyed alone :)

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