Sunday, December 9, 2018

Today I am (shudder) Fifty Years Old

          OK it has been about a year since I blogged, it has been a rough one, more heartbreak than I ever thought I could handle. Not sure I am handling properly, but I am getting by.  Today is a day I have been dreading for a long time.  I turned 50 years old, half a century.  I know I should be thrilled that I am healthy and fifty, but it is that number that irks me.  I do not feel fifty, well sometimes I do when I first wake up LOL. My brain does not feel 50.  Most days I am the mental equivalent of my 9-year-old daughter LOL.
          For a lot of people, hitting 50 feels like a whole new beginning, me included.  I think it is a time for dreams of what could have been needing to go away and plans for what will be needing to take hold.  My kids are pretty much self sufficient in the day to day tasks.  They can handle alone time, so that leaves me with some alone time.  I like it in the mornings best. I wake up before they do and get a cup of coffee, open the windows to feel the breeze, listen to the world waking up, as I get on the laptop to see what is going on in the world today or do school work LOL. Now that I am 50, I need to make a few adjustments if I want to make it to 60, 70, and beyond…
          So today before coffee I turned on my smart TV to my YouTube channel and played TheFitness Marshall workout routines 😊 I did 30 minutes of light cardio. It was a beginning LOL one I am hoping to make into a daily habit for the next 365 days. After that came coffee and the sound of rain pouring down LOL it has been raining for hours now.  People at the theme parks must be so mad. Oh yeah before I sat down, I checked on my new little kitten.
            Her name is Penelope, but the kids are calling her Penny 😊 she is doing ok, even had a bit to eat finally.  I am hoping she will venture out of the bedroom today.  Just have to protect her from Honeybee. Yes, since last post I got my dog 😊 she is a spoiled lil chihuahua. Definitely a mama’s girl (I love it).

          So, I finally sit down, with my new mindset for being healthier, and went to SparkPeople. I really like that website. Lots of great articles on all sorts of topics, pus a wheel to spin (I love those), and a way to get points for virtual prizes LOL if I could only trade those in for something tangible LOL I would have a new car.  Anyway, the topic of course for today was FIFTY.  I plugged that in to see what popped up.  Not a lot but a few articles to make this decade the healthiest one yet.  It says this stage of life in ideal for revamping fitness and nutritional goals.  So that is what I am going to do:


💖Don’t be afraid to try something new.
💖Treat this as a lifelong commitment. Make fitness a lifestyle.
💖Train the brain, if you don’t use it you lose it.
💖Find your “why” (for me it’s my kids).
💖Add more nutrition into your diet.
💖Choose exercises that make you feel better not worse.
💖Stay mobile, get outside, act like a kid 😊

          So now I am hoping I can maintain this for 365 days LOL ok let’s just go for a week, and then 2 weeks, then a month. We will work up to a year.  I am also hoping I can get myself to blog more. Maybe I will do a series of blogs relating to being 50 LOL might as well embrace it since it isn’t going to change. Maybe I will though…

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