Thursday, December 13, 2018

Criminal Justice Degree???

Use it or    Lose it  
           My mind that is. The women in my family seem to develop a memory issue as they age, I don’t want that. So, I try and keep my mind active.  I started college when I was 20 years old and have yet to stop LOL.  At first it was to get general education credits while I figured out what I wanted to do in life.  Then it was nursing school to get my BSN degree. That is a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in case curious.  After that I started just taking classes that interested me.  
         At one point a few years ago I was in graduate school for a master’s degree in public health.  I finished all the courses, all that was left was an internship and to write a thesis paper.  I could not figure out how I was going to work full time, be a full-time mom, do a full-time internship for 3 months, plus write a 50-page thesis.  So, I never finished degree.  Plus, I could not think of a single topic I liked enough to type 50 pages on LOL I love my kids and I still could not write 50 pages on them.  So, I went back to taking classes that interested me.  
          When Lee started college, I started taking classes with him.  It was a way to bond and do stuff together.  It is fun doing assignments with him. We talked on the way to class, discussed topics together, it is great.  Starting next semester, we no longer get to do that He will be going to an actual class while I am doing online.  Valencia College won’t let Staci sit in classes quietly LOL I don’t want to hold him back from getting his degree. We just finished this semester, we both got an A in Oceanography and Intro to Criminal Justice.  This qualifies him for an Associate of Arts degree now.  Next semester he starts to focus on his paralegal degree.  He is still mulling over idea of becoming a lawyer 😊 then a Judge, so he can get his goofy mom out of trouble LOL.  
          This criminal justice class though showed me I liked the topic.  So next semester I am taking a criminology class and an ethics in criminal justice class.  Both look to be interesting. Who knows, I might end up with a degree in criminal justice LOL not giving up nursing though.  Perhaps I can find a way to combine them in the future.

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