Wednesday, December 12, 2018

I Love the Holiday Season

          Are fun.  My brother and I grew up with just our mom, I have no idea how she did it. Looking back now, knowing what I do, I am amazed at how well she hid things from us. She loved us 😊 She hid the fact that we were poor. My brother and I did not know that, we were happy. We had what we needed, I never felt that we lacked anything, it was a great childhood.  Plus, we always had the best holidays.  My mom knew how to decorate beautifully.  The Christmas tree was always so gorgeous.  The only thing missing was a house. We always lived in apartments, even once a trailer.  So, when I bought this house last year it was a big thing 😊 I could not wait to decorate it for the holidays.  I thought I was a bit much in the decorating until this neighborhood LOL it is like National Lampoons Christmas around here.  About 70% of the homes in this community are all decorated, and on my street alone I would say 90% decorated. I am not talking just a few lights, I am talking airplanes can see us in the sky LOL it is great.  I thought Halloween was impressive with all the decorations put up by the neighbors. Plus, we had lots of trick or treaters. I was so proud of my new little community. Then Thanksgiving rolled around, and Christmas exploded all over the community.  There are huge blow up characters everywhere, lights strung up on houses, lights projected onto houses, lights in the trees and bushes, grapevine reindeer galore, music playing from décor, plus lots of Disney decorations scattered about.  There is even one house done up in LED lights, I think. They have them programmed for show.  We walked over there and were mesmerized. The front porch was like a projection screen with the lights. They formed realistic animals and a fireplace.  It kept changing to music!!!  It was awesome.   Staci and I watched for about 10 minutes LOL.  I am so happy I was able to buy a home in this community, and even more so that I am on the street that really gets into a holiday 😊 My son is already plotting what to do next year for decorations LOL so if anybody is in the Kissimmee area and wants to see lights or trick or treat next year, let me know and I will give you name of my neighborhood 😊

The video is one I sent my brother to show off my decorations this year :)

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