Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Build A Bear Bake Shop at the Florida Mall

Build A Bear Bake Shop  
          I did not even know these existed a few months ago, but during our last trip to the Build A Bear Workshop Staci noticed this place under construction.  She apparently had been paying close attention to when it was finished and informed me Monday that it was open for business LOL so off we went on Tuesday to check it out.  I was a little leery about going to the mall a week before Christmas, I figured it would be super busy. It wasn’t so bad. There were the last-minute frantic shoppers, but we still managed to find a place to park.  It is easiest to park by the Crayola Experience entrance and walk in.  
          The Bake Shop is to the left, right in front of Build A Bear of course LOL.  It is a small little kiosk set up. It has four tables and a counter for the kids to make their cupcake creations.  For $12 Staci got to choose two cupcakes, two icing colors, and unlimited sprinkles.  She also got to have a drink from their cooler. I tried to get her to choose the strawberry milk, but she wanted this strawberry essence bubble water instead. Big mistake, it tasted yucky  Next time milk or juice.  They really should have plain water as an option. So back to the cupcakes.  The flavor choices were chocolate, vanilla, or confetti.  She picked confetti and vanilla.  She also chose red and blue frosting.  Here I was thinking she would choose Christmas colors LOL instead we got 4th of July.  The frosting is already in little bags to squeeze out. The tip is snipped off, so it comes out in a narrow line to decorate with.  It is just enough to cover both cupcakes. She had fun squishing the frosting out the showering them in sprinkles.  
          That is the real fun. So many sprinkles to choose from.  You get to start out with two choices, but you can trade them as many times as you want. I would have loved to use them all 😊 After she was satisfied with her creations, she decided to eat one.  She said it was yummy of course LOL.  Once she was done, we looked in the ready-made options.  
          They were cute. They had seasonal ones for sale. A chocolate one piled high with a frosting Christmas tree, a reindeer, and a hot chocolate one covered in mini-marshmallows.  I wanted one of each but refrained 
😊 There is also a small section where you can buy coffee cups and tumblers, as well as a few baking kits.  It did not take a long time to do all they had to offer, maybe 30-45 minutes.  Then the obligatory visit to Build A Bear where I managed to say now LOL. We have enough as it is.  The experience was fun, but not sure worth $12, maybe $10 would be a better deal. Plus throw in a coupon for the store LOL.

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