Tuesday, December 11, 2018

S.A.D. but fighting it :)

Good Morning 
It is all bright and sunny today, which makes me feel a whole lot better.  I love the rain, but cold and rain do not mix.  That is why I moved away from places where it was cold and dreary in the winter.  If it is going to be chilly at least have the sun shining.  After the past few days of dark clouds I was so happy to see sunshine when I woke up.  I think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) which is depression linked to the changes in the season, generally because of lack of sunlight.  Light therapy is a treatment for it.  I looked it up and the signs/symptoms are:

·         Feeling depressed most of the day, nearly every day
·         Losing interest in activities you once enjoyed
·         Having low energy
·         Having problems with sleeping
·         Experiencing changes in your appetite or weight
·         Feeling sluggish or agitated
·         Having difficulty concentrating
·         Feeling hopeless, worthless or guilty
·         Having frequent thoughts of death or suicide
No worries about the thoughts of death or suicide, I have kids to live for 😊, but I do get the other ones.  So, I try and find me some sunshine when I can, get outside, and adding in the regular exercise (yep I did 30 min of cardio this morning before coffee).  According to Mayo Clinic you can also take medication, but I did that years ago and hated it.  Doctor gave me Zoloft to take daily and I always felt like I was in the clouds and not in a good way.  I had no feelings good or bad. Thankfully Florida has more sunny days than gloomy.  That is one of the perks of living here.  So currently waiting for my mini me (Staci) to wake up so we can figure out something to do. Disney is out of the equation since we downgraded to weekday passes which blocks out school holidays. We figured we would not want to go on those days any way. Not really warm enough to wander around SeaWorld, the chill keeps the animals in their dens. Maybe Disney Springs 😊 We can look at Christmas Tree Trail again and do the Stitch’s Scavenger Hunt.  We have done it past two years and it is fun. So, time for 2nd cup of coffee and making a bit more noise to rattle Staci out of bed. 

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