Monday, December 10, 2018

Vitamins Are Now More Important Than Ever

Vitamins So today I woke up early, I didn’t want to, but the pets said otherwise.  They will come like my nose until I get up, no matter how hard I try and hide under the blankets.  I am still of a mindset to be healthier. I thought about it all day. All sorts of memes and inspirational sayings to keep me motivated.  I like having something tangible to do though, so I decided I need better vitamins.  I know most nutrients can be obtained through a healthy diet, but my diet isn’t that healthy yet. Plus, apparently women over 50 lose the ability to properly store and/or process vitamins. So, I thought I would get me some I need to maintain a healthier body. After researching these are the ones I came up with as needing now more than ever:
          Vitamin A helps fight infection and maintains healthy eyesight. Will need this to prevent driving like an old lady. Recommended dose 800 mcg.
          Calcium keeps the bones and teeth strong, so I can avoid dentures and broken hips. It also helps keep the heart beating.  Recommended dose 1,200 mg.
          Vitamin C produces collagen which holds tissues together, repairs cells, and strengthens immune system. Don’t want to get sick. Recommended dose 75 mg.
          Vitamin D help maintain strong bones. Again, do not want a broken hip. Recommended dose 400 IU.
          Iron is essential because it helps transport the oxygen to the body. Cells need O2. Not enough will lead to anemia, which lead to a frail weak old lady. Recommended dose 8 mg.
          Magnesium apparently is involved in over 300 enzyme systems that do all sorts of stuff like support immune system, produce energy, regulate blood sugar, regulate blood pressure, and the heat beating properly. All of those are important to staying out of a hospital bed. Recommended dose 310-320 mg.
          Potassium does a lot as well. It regulates fluids and is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.  It transmits nerve signals, contracts and relaxes muscles, and helps achieve a good blood pressure. No wonder we give so much of this at the hospital. Recommended dose 4,700 mg.
          Vitamin B6 is part of over 100 enzyme reactions that help the metabolism. Not enough of this can cause confusion. Definitely need more of this since I already am clueless. Recommended dose 1.5 mg.
          Vitamin B12 is found in every cell of the body. It helps the red blood cells, and most importantly, it keeps the nervous system healthy.  I must be deficient since I am always nervous.  Recommended dose 2.4 mcg.
          Vitamin E apparently decreases risk of cardiovascular disease and helps repair cell damage.  I always thought it aided memory and reduced chance of me getting Alzheimer’s. Either way it is a good one to remember to take, which I rarely do LOL. Recommended dose 8 mg.
          Omega 3 Fish Oil just sounds gross, but women over 50 need it in their diet.  It assists with metabolism, immunity, and cognition. I want to stay smart 😊 Recommended dose 1.1 g.

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