Monday, July 1, 2024

Welcome to July


          Well, July is here and it is hot LOL. Humid too, already have first hurricane of the season forming. Doubtful it will get here though. July is also the dreaded month my babygirl turns 15 years old. How in the world did she grow up so fast???

          Not a lot planned for the month. I am going to end up working the holiday since it falls on the weekend. It isn't as if we go out for fireworks. Lee hates them and Staci gets bored after a few minutes. The biggest issue is my poor pets hate the noise. So kids are going to be working hard trying to keep them calm.

          Temu just got me again LOL. At night, in my backyard, I have all of these solar lights. Some are from these bobbling balls my kids got me and some are from the fake flowers. I am enamored by them. My yard looks so magical when the sun goes down. Looks pretty in daylight as well. So, what did I do LOL I went and bought more solar flowers. I am going to stake them along my back fence. That way they look pretty day and night and I don't have to worry about mowing them down LOL.  I rationalized the cost by telling myself I have spent more on real flowers only to have them die. This way they don't LOL.

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