Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Medications and Blood Pressure


          I did not realize how much any medication will affect blood pressure. I have been doing so well with getting my B/P under control, I was consistently staying in the one teens over 60s-70's, but then I got sick. I had to start antibiotics and steroids. Now my blood pressure is back up. It is in the elevated to stage 1 phase :( this does not make me happy. I finish up the steroids tomorrow and the antibiotic next week, so hopefully it will go back down.

          Back to work this weekend. I am hoping it goes smoothly and quickly. I need to figure out meals for it. I have my bananas already LOL got some olives too. Always tough to figure out dinners. I get tired and end up ordering GrubHub which is expensive. I am trying to think of some sort of casserole I can make that will last a couple of days LOL Staci is getting less picky with eating and now seems to like my cooking LOL.

          Also waiting on an order from Temu with all my new solar flowers for the backyard. I figure when they arrive I will mow LOL. That way I can "plant" them when lawn all fresh and pretty. Challenge is also to find a time when it is not so waterlogged in back. Hurricane season is a challenge in so many ways LOL. 

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