Sunday, July 7, 2024

My Counter Looks Like an Old Person Lives Here.


          I have had a sinus infection for awhile now, it wasn't so bad until Tuesday, then every thing went south. I got a prescription for antibiotics and took them as I was directed. The pain in my head just got worse. It eased when I stood up, but intensified to almost unbearable when I sat down. By Friday night even standing didn't help. So I had to call off work Saturday and go and get a different antibiotic and some steroids. The doctor also wanted to put me on Tegretol for the pain, but that wasn't in at the pharmacy. It seems the new meds are working. I can even sit here and have a cup of coffee while I type. 

          My kitchen counter, on the other hand, looks like a little old lady lives here. It has my bottles of antibiotics, anxiety med, allergy med, garlic pills, and my steroids. In addition I have my multivitamins, turmeric, and collagen gummy bottles that I take. It is ridiculous LOL. I will be glad when all of this infection is cleared and I can get rid of the extras. I will keep the ones that help me not feel old though LOL.

          So, pain has eased greatly, but I still have PTSD from it, so I am taking it easy. Still doing my housework, just at a more relaxed pace. My kids feel bad for me so they are helping even more. They are so awesome :)

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