Thursday, August 25, 2016

Why I am a Fan of The Fitness Marshall

Booties at Attention!!!  Working out is no fun.  Buying fitness DVDs are expensive.  Going outside in the Florida summer is like entering a sauna, it saps the energy and motivation.  So trying to get fit is definitely a challenge.  I am a busy single mom, with limited funds, and little spare time. Plus, I get bored easily LOL about three weeks ago I found an internet wonder, he is Caleb Marshall, aka The Fitness Marshall.  Oh my goodness is he hilarious and brilliant.  He is a master at mixing fitness with dancing. Millions all over the world have already been enjoying his unique style of making people sweat and laugh at the same time.  Each video he makes is loading with jokes, risqué comments, and motivation.  He and his back up booty dancers: Hayley Jordan, Bria McCarty, and Allison Florea, look like they are genuinely having fun. 
Each video is set to a popular song from well-known artists, so he cannot make money from the videos.  He does it just for the fun of it, and to help people lose weight in a fun and entertaining way.  I am no dancer, but I can follow along with the routines easy enough.  I went through his YouTube channel and found all the videos I particularly liked, and created my own personalized playlist.  So now I can start each morning laughing and moving at the same time.  It is great.  He also has a vlog that shows him and his friends just having fun.  I tell you they are all hilarious personalities.  So if you want a free workout, that is fun, and gets you sweating without you even noticing, check out The Fitness Marshall. 

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