Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crayola and Medieval Times

Staci doing her crayon impression
 I have the world’s worst memory, so I need to get this written before I forget.  Last week is already starting to fade away.  Vacation has passed way to fast, I wish it could last forever.  I really need to look into winning the lottery.  Anyway we did two more really fun things while we were down in Orlando, Florida.  We braved the horrendous traffic, and I mean it took an hour to go four miles, and it was 2:00 in the afternoon!!!  I could never figure out why traffic moved so slow.  Finally, we made it to the Florida Mall and found the Crayola Experience.  Kind of hard to miss 10 feet tall crayons LOL If you have ever thought about going I highly recommend.  It was so much fun.  The first floor is just a Crayola store, filled with every crayon or marker you could ever want, the second floor though is out of this world.  It is huge and filled with all sorts of coloring experiences.  We stayed in there almost three hours coloring on paper, coloring on iPads and seeing the drawing come to life on big screen.  We designed dresses and then watched them modeled down a runway. We tricked out sports cars and saw them zoom around.  Dragons came to life, as well as princesses and bumblebees.  We even had paper pterodactyl puppets we created dance on stage to rock music.  Spin art with melted crayons was very popular among the kids and adults, but not as fun as melting crayons down into shapes.  In addition to the arts, there are giant playgrounds to burn off extra energy.  I swear the kids were syphoning it from the adults.  Buy you tickets online, it is cheaper that way, and if it is within seven days of your birthday, you get in free. We left with lots of souvenirs and wonderful memories.
Officially a Princess
The last big thing we did was Medieval Times.  Staci was so excited for that.  We had already seen the ivy covered castle, so we knew right were to go.  Staci was all dressed up in her baby blue princess dress for the occasion.  We had purchased our tickets online (google a coupon code for lower prices) so we were able to just walk right in.  We were placed under the County of Peralada’s red and yellow knight’s protection.  Crowns on head we stepped back into time.  While we waited for the festivities we were in a great hall full of souvenirs for purchase of course LOL. I sipped on the King’s Colada in a purple goblet while we wandered about.  The highlight of Staci’s night was when she was deemed a real royal princess by King Carlos.  I was shocked that she walked up there all by herself and knelt down while he proclaimed her a princess.  She was in awe, her whole demeanor that night was one of a regal princess.  It was so cute to see.  She got a pink pearl tiara, and a scroll with a picture of her with the king to remember the occasion.  Finally, the trumpets sounded and we were escorted to our table, that was second row and right in the middle (lucky us). We had great seats to view the white horses as they came out, then Lady Myla (a falcon) who soared about the audience, and finally all the knights.  During dinner (which was messy, and I recommend going vegetarian now) the knights did jousting and sword fights.  Staci liked the sparks from the swords clashing. Sadly, the red and yellow knight did not win, but the green knight did defeat the bad guy who had come to steal Princess Catalina LOL Staci was very relieved.

Princess Staci had so much fun on this birthday trip.  I have no idea how I will top it for her eighth birthday next July 31st.  I guess I better get to planning…

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