Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Quiet End to Summer

          Staci and I had a quiet end of the summer this week.  We stayed pretty much low key.  We relaxed and just enjoyed being together.  We unpacked this great big box of school supplies that we were sent.  This year for second grade we are are doing home school through Florida Virtual Academy.  So while every body is at the store, spending a small fortune buying school supplies and new clothes, we got our stuff for free.  I was shocked when I received a forty pound box of supplies from the online school.  We got reading books, math books, science books, work books, science kit, art kit, study aides, jump rope, a yoga DVD, and headphones.  It was unbelievable, and I didn't have to spend a penny,
School Supplies
            Staci is actually excited about doing home school with me.  Her laptop is set up next to mine so we can do our school stuff together.  She did the online orientation for her and thought it was fun.  Rules say she has to spend just 20 hours a week on learning.  That is just four hours a day.  Plus no waking up at 07:00 to get ready and fight the traffic.  We are both very happy about this.Only part that worries me is making sure she learns the concepts they want her to. She does have a teacher, all the lessons are taught online.  Apparently once a month the teacher will phone Staci and ask her questions to make sure she is really learning. Staci is very smart, but sometimes she gets shy in answering questions.  Hopefully the calls will go well. Oh absolutely best part...NO BACK TO SCHOOL GERMS!!!  Staci always seems to get sick for the first semester.  We get to avoid that now.  No more sniffles that last until Spring.
New Friend
Our last craft of the summer was making the pink and purple felt cat we made at the beginning of summer a friend.  This one is light and dark pink bear or mouse, we haven't decided which LOL  I think they look a bit silly, and can totally tell they are homemade, but homemade with love.  Staci adores them.  She has carried the kitty around all summer,  That made me smile every time I saw that kitty clutched in her hand.

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