Tuesday, August 9, 2016


 I have this friend who started her blog right after I did, and good grief has it received a lot of hits, know why? It’s because she writes for herself.  She is candid and sometimes overly honest about her views LOL Her blog is so far full of stories about her daughters, her hubby, and her struggles from the last few years.  She even has thrown in a couple of yummy recipes for good measure.  While she is getting lots of internet traffic for her writings (she even had international site do article on her) she is also getting LOTS OF JUDGEMENT!!!
  It is absurd.  She has people she knows personally, people she knows just online, and then complete strangers judging her actions without truly knowing her.  She is a happy person, with lovely daughters, and a husband who spoils her rotten, yet yesterday people decided to say she was obviously unhappy due to her writings???  That is crazy.  I know her and her family, and I know she is not unhappy, yet strangers were trying to say she is depressed and miserable.  That irritated me.  Not for her, she is handling it fine, she knows she is not unhappy, what irked me is people who think it is ok to judge others.
  People have no right to be judgmental of anybody.  I have been judged my who life, it has at times made me depressed or even angry, because they did not take the time to know the real me.  People tend to make assumptions based on their idea of what others should be, instead of seeing the person as they really are.  I am shy and quiet, yet others view that as unfriendly.  I try to think before I speak, so that makes others feel as if I am meek, I am simply just trying to not say hurtful things.  Words can hurt so much more than people realize.  Physical damage heals, mental and emotional damage never truly goes away.  I can forgive a great deal, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten the pain.
  People need to stop judging other people.  People are judged by size, color, race, intelligence, gender, sexual preference, religion, the list goes on and on and on…  To me there is only ONE JUDGE and when I die I want my judgement to go well.
 OK ranting a bit there (is my blog so I can) anyway those who judge should learn to try to look past the obvious and instead look for understanding.  I have had many patients and families who were a challenge to deal with, but if I take a minute and think and try to put myself in their shoes I might act the same way.  I would be certainly protective of my family if they were ill or I snappy if I was in pain. If I was overwhelmed and scared, I might try and micromanage small details, just to have a sense of control over anything.
  People tend to look for opportunities to judge others on the wrongs they are actually guilty of committing, it gives them a sense of its ok.  Saying look at her and how bad she is behaving, I am not as bad as she is.  Just throw other adjectives in there like stupid, mean, ugly, you get the idea.  Judging others does not justify yourself.  Comes down to this, unless you are an Olympic judge STOP JUDGING PEOPLE.

Disclaimer: none of these pics or quotes are mine, I just liked the images and sayings. 

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