Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Top 10 List of Why Home School is the Best

I thought I would do my very own Top 10 List of Why Home School Is the Best.

 With homeschooling there is no getting up at 7a.m. you and your child get to sleep in. No more struggles to get out the door on time. No more pleading for just one more minute of sleep.   You do not start the day stressed out.
  No more fighting traffic in the morning. No grumpy drivers practicing sign language and shouting 4 letter words.  Seriously just leave 10 minutes earlier.  Please do not speed through a school zone.  There are kids there and your car will squish them. 
 No more worries over whether or not you are dressed in the latest styles.  You can wear pajamas if you wish LOL Kids are judged by what they wear so early now.  Plus, the styles are more appropriate for college girls rather than a 7-year-old.  I want my girl to value her intelligence over her looks.
You get to do the lessons on your own schedule.  Kids tend to be more alert in the afternoon, at least mine is. Today we slept in, then had brunch, then we started lessons.  It was much more relaxed and conducive to learning than if we had forced our sleepy selves to do work at the crack of dawn.
No bullies.  I could not believe that in first grade she already was getting bullied by mini mean girls.  Now I don’t have to pick up my girl, only to find her crying because somebody told her she couldn’t play with them anymore, or had made fun of her for something trivial.  Staci is a sensitive soul, and gets hurt easily. Teachers are too overwhelmed to do much about bullies.  No matter how many times I told her teacher last year, she still had problems with a few certain kids.  Mama bear had to restrain herself quite frequently.
  Also no more worries about her safety.  So many times while my son was in school he was on lock down because of a gun threat or bomb threat. Kids are being taught how to fake being dead in class or how to hide from shooters.  That is so not right.  Logically I know odds of something actually happening are small, but it does happen. 
Science experiments are so fun.  Yesterday we had to look for a frog (not to dissect) but to play with on a lily pad. Plus, exploding volcanoes, nature hunts, star gazing, trying to figure out “what if” science is fun.
 Art lessons are fun too.  You have a great excuse to color, paint, draw, craft using different mediums and colors.  I like doing crafts, and if we get to count what we make as school, all the better. 
 Field trips LOL you get to decide what you think would be educational and then go there.  It might be the zoo, an art museum, a children’s museum, a candy factory, swimming pool, theme park, movies, it could be anything.  You can learn just about anything anywhere.

The number one reason home school is the best is you get to spend time with your small person!!!  I always thought my daughter was smart, but now I know she is.  She is also very quick to pick up new concepts.  It is so fun to see her smile when she does the lesson correctly.  You get to make learning fun for your child.  

These are my reasons, if you have more just post them in comments :)

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