Sunday, August 6, 2023

Beginning a Keto Diet

           Here we go again, trying something new to lose weight. I am so frustrated with trying to lose weight. I am tired of feeling like a failure every night. I go to sleep saying tomorrow will be better, but then I wake up, and it all goes downhill. I get tired, so I do not move much. Or I try to eat something to wake up. Both not good options. I am fast approaching 55 years old, and I do not want to stay unhealthy. 

          I set a goal to lose 55 pounds by my 55th birthday, and instead of doing that, I gained 15 which really is making a difference. I am not moving as well as I would like. My joints hurt, my knees do not like to bend, and I am falling way too often. If I was just seeing my size and history, I would be groaning at the thought of me as a patient. That is not a pleasant thing to think about. What if I fall and can't get up? The pain combined with the embarrassment, would be devastating. 

          So, I have told my kids that I need their help. I am going to try doing a keto diet and see if that works. My son is not thrilled, but he is going to try to support me. He is worried I will be unhealthy. I am already unhealthy, I am trying to reverse that. My daughter is okay with it, she is doing her best to eat the apples and grapes I already bought before this idea popped into my brain LOL.  So far the hardest thing to give up is my morning coffee routine of creamer. I did however find a work around. I made my coffee this morning with cream (no carbs) and sugar free coffee flavoring like at a coffee shop. It tasted pretty good. I have also surfed the net a bit to see what I can have and not have. This is what I have found out:

          The important thing to get into ketosis, is to stay under 20-30 net carbs per day. Net carbs are the key. The formula for that is to take total carbs and subtract the fiber, leaving net carbs.

Yes foods are: meat, fish, eggs, cheese, oils, butter, whole cream, zucchini, cauliflower, greens, mushrooms, small tomato, celery, and cucumber.

No foods are: grains, baked goods, fruit, milk, yogurt, beans, pasta, bread, sugar, peas, corn, squash, and potatoes.

Okay foods are: nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut.

          Since sometimes I just need something fruity, I got myself some sugar free Capri Suns. They have no carbs LOL. I also thought of sugar free jellos blended with the whipping cream to make a mousse.

          Today I plan on having bacon and eggs for breakfast. Lunch will be tuna salad on cucumbers. Dinner will be cheeseburgers with pickles and lettuce. I am not going to add in any exercise yet. Changing diet will be hard enough to focus on. Once I get hang of this, then I will add in some movement. 

Here is hoping that this goes well. 


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