Monday, August 7, 2023

Keeping it Keto

          Day two of keto diet, and I am staying on track. I followed my meal plan yesterday and went to bed not feeing like a failure :)  This morning I woke up, had my coffee, which was still yummy, and then did a bunch of nothing LOL like I said, I am not going to even worry about exercise yet. 

          I read that it takes 2-4 days before getting into ketosis. I am hoping that happens soon. I have also read about the keto flu. I am hoping to avoid that. Internet sites recommend making sure I stay hydrated to help ease that side effect. So I have been trying to drink more out of my Cirkul bottle. I just went and purchased me some more cartridges. My goal is to get to drinking three bottles a day. Considering I only drink one bottle in a whole weekend, that is a big goal LOL

          My daughter has been eating the same as me LOL which helps. She thought lettuce wrapped burgers were great and loves the scrambled eggs and bacon. She is old enough (14) so that if she wants something different, she can handle making it herself. Not sure what we will have tonight. We ate the eggs and bacon late, so not really hungry. I might make the lemon mousse as a treat. That is just the heavy whipping cream blended until it is whipped cream consistency, then a box of sugar free jello mixed in. Tastes great and zero carbs.

          We just got back from shopping LOL we found lots of cute Autumn decorations in a few places. We bought lots of little pumpkins and scarecrows for the front porch. We start decorating for Fall on September 21st LOL day after my son's birthday. That is the official start of Autumn activities for us. It is our favorite time of year.   

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