Wednesday, August 9, 2023

Made it To Ketosis

           It is day 4 now and I have not cheated LOL I swear yesterday I wanted to quit though. It seems so overwhelming thinking of doing this the rest of the year. My Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are filling up with Autumn recipes that are torturing me. I love Fall baking and this year it will be a no no. I did see that pumpkin is not crazy high in carbs. Perhaps I can make fake pumpkin pie LOL mix the pumpkin puree with whole cream, eggs, and my sugar free coffee syrups, then bake without a pie crust. That might work :) I need my pumpkin spice fix LOL.

          I have these test strips that tell you if you are spilling ketones into your urine, and mine was positive this morning. Gross info to share, but it was great to find out that I am in ketosis. Perhaps now I will start dropping some weight. Last night I did not want to, but I mowed my front and back yard. In Florida you mow when it is not raining and the heat is under 100 degrees LOL So, I was mowing after 7pm LOL I was only going to do the back yard, but my OCD kicked in and I did the front as well. I was WIPED OUT afterwards. Sweating so much that my daughter thought I had turned the hose onto myself, she laughed and was mind blown when I said it was just me sweating. I figured mowing would push me over edge into ketosis and I was right.

          Today is last day off before back to work this weekend. I am super nervous about the snacks at work. I will have to make sure I have stuff I can nosh on to avoid temptation. I keep trying to think about a month from now when hopefully this all pays off. Today I am going to cook me chicken breasts and cubed steaks so that I have them ready for lunches at work. I have baby pickles to snack on, I also think I am going to shred up some lettuce and make a keto dressing for a simple salad to eat while there. Oh and I need to make some deviled eggs LOL. I need to go in well prepared. 

          I have not felt like I have keto flu, which is great, I am however very tired. Thankfully my kids let me just nap during the day. Is too hot to go out anyway LOL. I try and wake up in the evening to do something with my daughter. Today my son is off work as well, so I will be able to enjoy his company too. My daughter has her weekly teen church group tonight, so she will be entertained. We won't have to go shopping LOL we have been looking at Autumn decorations the last few nights. 

          Okay, time to put eggs on to hard boil for the deviled eggs, and to continue laundry. I have my to do checklist all written up so that I stay on track. Once I cross everything off, I feel so much better and accomplished.

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