Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

          The day after my son’s birthday always marks the start of the Fall season for me.  I put off decorating so he can have his special day, but then day after BAMN its Fall J  That is when I celebrate all things pumpkin, spooky, cutesy scary, comfy, and cozy.  So today was that day.  It started off first though with homeschool.  Today was Staci’s first call from her teacher to evaluate how she is doing.  We were both so nervous, me more so than her LOL she had to read at least 52 words in one minute, and then be able to tell the teacher what she read.  After that was math where she would do questions along with the teacher.  I am thrilled to say that Staci nailed it!!!  She read three selections, averaging 100 words each time, and was able to recall lots of details.  She also got most of the math problems correct, which was impressive.  Shoot some of them even I couldn’t figure out.  I was happy to hear that she hadn’t covered that yet.  I guess I best learn along with her.  That is hardest part about new math, the formulas are not how I learned math in school.  I was so proud at how good Staci did on the phone call.  The teacher also said she did fantastic J After the tests were done we decided to make a couple of Halloween crafts.  She made lollipop ghosts and I made a felt one.  I thought both types came out so adorable.

Then off we went to Cardio Kids at MyGym, followed by Target where OMG PUMPKIN SPICE EVRYTHING LOL I tried to stick with the healthier options.  So for breakfasts we get two options of cold cereal, or one hot LOL we have Fiber One or Belvita for a quick pick me up, and for a fruity option we have pumpkin spice applesauce LOL all of course to be accompanied by pumpkin spice coffee and creamer. Welcome to Fall Ya’ll

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