Thursday, September 8, 2016

Girl Power

          I got completely gob smacked this week when I looked at my Twitter account, I had a celebrity follow me!!! No idea why, but it’s awesome.  In case anybody is wondering who, it is Juliet Landau.  She played the lovely and loony vampire Drusilla on two of my favorite shows, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
Isn't she pretty
Made me nostalgic for those shows.  I cannot believe it has been over thirteen years since they ended.  The Pivot network still plays Buffy reruns; I am watching one currently. It was a great show.  It challenged a lot of old-fashioned notions about girls.  Instead of girls being the victim, and being rescued, the girl was the superhero.  She saved the world, a lot LOL (if you were a fan of the show, you might get that reference).  All the females in those shows were totally powerful.  There was Buffy, Willow, Cordelia, Tara, Anya, and crazy Drusilla.  They did not cower, but fought for what they thought was right. They were devoted to their friends and family.  All of the females on the show were great, albeit non-traditional, role models, even wicked Drusilla. She was loyal, and protective, and loved Spike.  Girls today need more super heroes, more women role models they can look up too.  I know there are lots of real world, strong women, but little girls, like my seven-year-old, are not interested in politics, philanthropy, or Fortune 500 companies. She likes bright colors, cute dolls, ponies, and fun.
love these dolls
I like the D.C. Comics has come out with a line of D.C. Superhero Girls that are girls, not women. They are much more relatable to my daughter. Staci likes that she looks like Supergirl with the long blond hair and big blue eyes. I am also looking forward to taking her to see the new Wonder Woman movie.  I want to encourage her to dream about being a strong, smart woman. LOL I had Linda Carter as my Wonder Woman, and a Saturday morning show with the Greek heroine Isis. I watch them now and cringe at how silly they were, but to me back then they were awesome. I want her to have those types of role models to look up to, ones that make her feel that she can do anything.  I want her to face problems head on, to not give up, even when it seems to be an impossible task.  I want her to have friends she loves and who love her in return.  I want her to have incredible courage and be brave, even when she is scared to take that first step. I never want her to feel limited by being a girl, or mortal LOL.

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