Monday, January 10, 2022

Dieting at Disney Part Two

             So excited!!! I know I told myself that this would be my ultimate reward for hitting goal, but I could not wait. I got Staci and me annual passes to Disney again. They are called Pixie Passes and are just for Florida residents. We can go Monday – Friday. Only weekends and holidays are blocked out, but we would not go on those days anyway, TOO BUSY. This morning, after I write this blog and drink my coffee, I will get my mini me up and we will head over to Hollywood Studios. We have to show our IDs the first time we go to prove residents, but then we are all set. The only ride we are really focused on doing today is Mickey’s Runaway Railroad. It had just opened right before COVID hit so we never had a chance to go before the parks shut down. It has been almost two years since we were in a Disney Park. I figured it was fitting to start with Mickey’s ride.


            Yesterday my daughter and I both got new shoes for walking around the park. Sketcher’s foamies. They look like Crocs. Both have all the colors on them, mine with hearts and hers with dogs. I am hoping they can manage all the steps. I am sure we will be getting a lot of them in at the park. Just walking from the parking lot will be a bunch. They still do not have the trams up and running, so we must hike LOL. Tomorrow we are going to Animal Kingdom, and then if my daughter feels up to it after second vaccine, we will go to the Magic Kingdom on Wednesday. The biggest reason we got passes again was the festivals at Epcot. Those are our favorites. On Friday, the Art Festival begins. We have reservations on Tuesday to go to that. We are hoping to get the Figment popcorn bucket LOL. He is one of my daughter’s favorite characters.

                As always, it is begin again day. I always feel like I am starting over with getting healthier. It is better than giving up. So, I have had my lemon water, vitamins, fiber, and now my coffee. Five out of the eight cups of fluid a day I want to get. I also have decided that I need a minimum of 10,000 steps a day. I also found out, via Noom, that first thing in the morning is the best time to work out. Studies say that it gets you in the right mindset to be healthier for the day, meaning I will be more active and eat fewer calories. So, we are going to give it a shot.

                I am hoping for the increased walking at Disney, combined with being more mindful of my eating, will help me get through this unbelievable plateau. It just is not budging. Scale thankfully not going up, but frustratingly it is not going down either. If in a half year last year, I lost 30 lbs. then I am hoping that a full year will get me 60 lbs. gone. I would be so incredibly happy with that. I have to keep in mind my ultimate goal, being healthy for my kids. I want to see them grow up to be adults. I want to live a long and loving life with them. It terrifies me to think that I might miss all of that. So, if anybody reading this want to leave me some encouraging words, I would love to hear them…     

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