Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Be Like Betty White

                I just spent two hours looking for a cute or funny picture to use on this post LOL talk about wasting time. This is how a lot of my mornings go lately. I wake up, full of good intentions, then I sit down with my coffee, and the morning just disappears until I go fall asleep on the couch. I need to do better. I want to be healthier, therefore I need to be better.


            This past week the world lost Betty White. Damn she was a funny and special lady. I loved her sense of humor. I totally wish I could be like her LOL she lived a fantastic and long life. If I want to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit for almost one hundred years, then I need to get my act together.

                So, this morning I woke up (yay me) got dressed (in comfy clothes of course) took my vitamins then had my lemon water, Metamucil (extra fiber fills you up), and coffee. I also had a couple of pieces of toast with some cheese LOL I told myself it was a healthy grilled cheese sandwich. Now not sure what I am doing today. It sort of depends on my kids. They both got sick for the new year with fevers and such. Thankfully, I did not get sick. If I type this fast, then I can chill on the couch until they wake up LOL.

                Yesterday I did do a bit of productive stuff LOL I trimmed my crepe myrtle trees. OK it looks like I butchered them, but a neighbor who has really nice crepe myrtles trims his tree big time, and said it was the right thing to do, so I am taking his advice. Crossing my fingers that my trees grow back in fuller and with more flowers like his do. I have Spring Fever really bad. It is all Florida’s fault LOL it already feels like Spring here. I am ready to start planting stuff. I am cheating though on my front porch. I hung up some brackets on each column out front, and instead of real flowers I will most likely kill, I ordered fake ones from Amazon LOL the reviews said they were really pretty though. Now I just need to figure out how to get my grass to look good.

                I really hope 2022 is a good year. It started out crappy with both kids being sick, so I hope it only gets better from here. Thankfully, they only were sick for just a couple of days. I have big dreams for this year. I am going to get healthier, travel more, and be more fun. Now I just have to figure out how to pull all of those off LOL.

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