Sunday, January 16, 2022

Covid Caught Me

                It is only day 16 of 2022 and I am already so over it. It started with kids sick, and now I have Covid. Unbelievable. I get through original Covid no problem, Delta variant, no big deal, get two vaccines cause mandated, then BAMM!!! I get Covid less than two weeks later. What is up with that??? I did get to call in sick at work LOL so extra time off. I was stunned that I actually had Covid. I swear the evil troll who did the test on me was digging for brain. 

                The good news is, I do not feel bad. I had a bit of congestion and an annoying cough, plus super duper tired, but that is it. It is the fatigue that is getting to me. I have zero energy. So much for all my Disney trips LOL had to cancel all of those.  I will be past my quarantine time by Tuesday so my daughter and I will not miss out on going to the Art Festival at Epcot.

                That is our favorite theme park. My daughter was worried we would not be able to go. We have not been in almost two years. She was rattling off all the things she wanted to do and see LOL I hope this fatigue is gone by then.

                Oh, another bonus, I lost a couple of lbs. I had gained a couple, so this took those away. I do not have much of an appetite. I still can smell and taste food thankfully. I just am too tired to eat LOL. Yesterday it was already six o’clock at night and I had not even taken 2000 steps all day LOL I forced myself to get up off couch and just walk around my great room/kitchen until I passed 10,000 steps point. Took me a couple of hours, but I did it. I took a shower, then immediately turned back into a couch potato.

                This morning I almost feel normal. I woke up to rain, which I love. I am currently listening to it outside while I type and sip my coffee. Oh, I am also trying almond milk creamer. It is pretty good. So far this morning I have had my lemon water, Metamucil drink, and coffee which equal five cups of water towards my eight cups a day LOL. Rain seems to be stopping now. Maybe that means the sun will be visiting us soon. I had wanted to go work in my backyard a bit. I was going to dump out all the dead plants and dirt from my greenhouse into the yard and mix them in with the dirt there, to hopefully get the ground ready for grass seed. 

               I always want to plant things in the Spring LOL. I am sure I will try again this year. I usually do stuff that would go into salsa LOL tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, stuff like that.  My daughter likes getting angel plants (that’s what store calls them). They are just small plants, but they have cute names from the store, so she gets a kick out of them. We will fill up the greenhouse with those. I also need to repot my rosemary and basil plants. They are so big that they have bark on them LOL. They are too big for the raised garden now.

                Okay time to go be a slug on the couch LOL. I swear this tiredness is the worst. At least I have more episodes of Bones to binge watch.

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